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Dedicated to providing topnotch quality seeds to sustain healthy and diverse food resources.

AMERLAND SEEDS is an US-based seed company, providing superior quality vegetable, forage, and specialty field crop seeds. Amerland Seeds strives to enhance product performance through improved disease resistance, stress tolerance, plant vigor, and yield advantage. 

Amerland Seeds has a well-defined seed product portfolio, including major vegetable crops (watermelon, melon, squash, cabbage, cauliflower etc.), forage crops (alfalfa, sorghum, corn, various grasses), and specialty field crops, to meet the needs of the American and international customers. 

Amerland Seeds has well-established in-house research and breeding facilities. The company is also working  closely with independent breeders, seed companies, and ag-biotechnology firms for novel product development.


Amerland Seeds has close working relations with American and international seed distributors, growers, as well as ag-food companies, by supplying quality seeds to meet their specific needs.

Amerland Seeds' goal is to provide topnotch quality seeds to sustain healthy and diverse food resources. 

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